Welcome to The Crossing

In order to get off to a good start, I want to share what this blog is and does.  This is the blog/startup website for a church plant.  I am using this blog to keep everyone in the loop who is involved in this new work.  I hope that everyone will be enriched and excited to be a part of a new faith community that does not judge, does not proselytize, and does not force-feed.  What we DO is be the love of Christ in the community immediately around us.  Sometimes this means an event that we participate in together, but oftentimes this will be something that happens in the daily rythms of our lives.  Jesus constantly stopped to help people “along the way”.  In the same way, we do not often have to go looking for people to help, rather, we encounter them as we go along our daily lives and routines.  Such love in action may be doing something for someone and it may be just being someone to talk to and a shoulder to cry on in their time of need. 

All of the above also applies to our “family” within our group.  We should be real enough with one another that we can feel comfortable seeking help and community with one another.  In the same way, we should be there for one another in times both good and bad – just as a family should be.

So, if this sounds like something that you want to be involved in and if you think this is how we should “do church”, then join us and be a part of something big!

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