What is The Crossing?

Is The Crossing a church?  Is is a missional community?  What’s the difference?  As God has called me to this church planting work, the form of what this is supposed to look like has slowly manifest itself.  This has coming from worshiping at numerous churches as well as doing extensive reading, and, most importantly, listening to the Voice of God.

In the beginning, The Crossing will be a missional community.  What this has come to mean to me is a group of believers who become like family in that we love and support one another.  We continuously add more people to our group.  Rather than having a huge congregation with a bunch of people that do not know or frankly maybe even care for one another, we will all know one another and uplift one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.

We will gather weekly and do worship, communion, and the like and then we will go out into our local communities and basically do what Jesus would do if he were here.  We will be Jesus to the community.  We will not go out with an agenda of telling people that they are going to hell or that they are wrong in their beliefs, rather we will just love them as God does and help them where they hurt.  If some choose to join us through this, then great.

As we grow in numbers, we will begin to meet in a church location.  I am currently looking at closed Catholic parishes to use in the future.  I DO NOT see us becoming overly large.  I know that if we are to follow the great commission, then we will grow.  However, instead of becoming a mega church, we will raise up and train other pastors to plant new churches in local communities and repeat the process.  Through multplication we can still grow while being “small” enough to still know one another.

I am also very passionate about pastoral care and I think that being big enough to have the resources to help one another, but small enough that we can feel comfortable going to one another for help is important.  As your pastor, I do not need to know more than you want me to, but I do want to know where you hurt and what your joys are so that I can be with you in those times as God has called me to do.

I hope this all is starting to make sense and please feel free to contact me if clarification is needed!



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