September 30, 2012 Service

Last night we talked about the Exodus story.  We discussed how, regardless of its facticity, the Exodus story happens every day in our own lives.  For the full message please look here.  During the service, we did a “ritual” to help us to experience our own personal Exodus with a beginning liturgy:

A famine caused me to leave home and go to a foreign land.  I was enslaved there and finally escaped but have been wandering in the desert.  Tonight I am crossing the Jordan and going home.

______ was my famine, and _______ is my Pharaoh.  If I were to escape Egypt, I could _______ .  Though I may wander in the desert, I will cross the Jordan and come home and it will be ______ .

We also discussed how sometimes we see a person and make a snap judgment about him or her, but we have to remember that there is a larger story involved.  Their own life narrative and how it has intersected with other peoples’ life narratives has contributed to who they are and who we are.  Knowing that our lives are comprised of these stories and how they shape us will allow us to own them and become the authors of our own destinies.  Sometimes the stories are more like horror stories than fairy tales, but we have to find a way to embrace them too so that we might own them rather than them owning us.

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