October 7, 2012 Service

In this service, we focused on opening our minds to new ideas.  We often have our minds wrapped around the ideas that we were raised with and it becomes extremely difficult to see new possibilities.  To illustrate this, we talked about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave in which Socrates is explaining to his student Glaucon about wisdom.  He gives the example of people who are chained in a cave with their heads immovable.  There is a fire behind them and a wall in front of them.  As people pass over the walkway behind them, their shadows are cast on the wall and they see this as their only reality.  When one of them is freed, he is shocked by the real world outside and finds it very difficult to reshape his conception of reality even though he is looking right at it.  With good music and a mind-freeing ritual, we are hopefully one step closer to being enlightened.

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