Getting out in the community

The Crossing is pleased to announce that we have started a new theology pub in West Rogers Park.  We are meeting Sept. 10th at 6:30 at Emerald Isle on Peterson.  You can find the Meetup link here.  This is a safe place for theological conversation on topics that interest us or that we would like to learn more about without fear of being judged or proselytized.  Come and join us for good conversation and good brew!

We also started a Meetup called Doers of the Way.  Yes, it’s a cheezy title, but we’ll get a better one.  This group is to start the discussion, get moving, and start DOING our faith.  We would like to show the world what it looks like when you put your theological differences aside and actually start DOING what Jesus taught and did.  Ever wonder how much we can do in our community if we tried?  Come and find out!  You can find the link here.

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