Theology for the Masses

Theology for the Masses.  GodTalk.  Something like that.  At the lay level there are very few options when it comes to theology.  Either we believe that Jesus was one thing in relationship to God and we believe that God is one thing in relationship to humankind or we are considered atheists.  Is this really all we have for options?  At the academic level, theologians have been discussing numerous other theologies and possibilities, but somehow this conversation never seems to get down to the mainstream level.  Do they not think that the average person is intelligent enough to engage?  Do they not have life experiences and experiences of the divine that are applicable to the discussion?  I think they do.  That is why during Lent we will be starting a dialogue among students from the area colleges and universities in addition to those in the community around Christ Church of Chicago to see what can happen when the discussion is really open to everyone.  Stay tuned for dates and times!

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