A Conversation for the Rest of Us

For conservative Christians, there are many radio stations and TV shows that they can listen to and watch.  For progressives, there are not as many choices.  Many people ask me where progressives can hear discussions on theology, the church, and more.  So, here are some resources that I regularly use and enjoy.  Most of these have podcasts available.  I hope you enjoy them, too!

On Being This is a program hosted by Krista Tippett on NPR.  Krista has her Master of Divinity from Yale and interviews astrophysicists, poets, neurologists, authors, theologians, and many more in engaging and interesting discussions.

Homebrewed Christianity This is an internet radio show/podcast hosted by two emergents, Tripp and Bo.  They interview many of the top theologians and thinkers in the progressive and emergent church.  Conversations are extremely fun while intellectually stimulating.  As you might have guessed from the title, they brew their own microbrews and have kind of a theology pub approach.

God Complex Radio This is a blog/internet radio show that talks about many facets of theology and spirituality from a more progressive perspective.

Emergent Village Voice This is a site that has numerous blogs, channels, and resources on spirituality, church, theology, society, and more.  It is a part of Emergent Village, a group of emergent cohorts started by Brian McLaren.

The Christian Century This is a progressive magazine with articles and stories from pastors and theologians.  There are many thought-provoke and insightful articles from a mostly progressive mainline protestant perspective.  There are also weekly reflections on the lectionary for preaching helps for pastors.

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