About The Crossing

The Crossing is a missional, emergent, and progressive faith community based in Immanuel United Church of Christ Streamwood.  We are focused on showing love through action in the community.  Our primary purpose is to create a place where all people, regardless of where they are on their faith journey, can call home and feel comfortable asking the tough questions about life and God.  Instead of preaching at people, we walk with people into the community and into the world.  Our mission is to serve our community with love and then reproduce that model in different communities.

We can be described by a number of terms:

  • Missional – our focus is outward, rather than being centered on ourselves.
  • Contemplative – rather than having a theology of a disinterested God who exited the scene after creation and punishes us for our transgressions, we believe in a loving God who works in an through us and can be reached not only through outward prayer, but also through centered and inward meditation.
  • Ancient/Future – we believe that many useful rituals and traditions of the ancient church have been tossed aside, but have important meaning and usefulness for us today.
  • Community – we believe that the body of believers should be like a family who can count on one another in times of joy and in times of need.  We all have special and specific gifts that we can bring to the table.  Rather than a view of the church of “feeding us” on a weekly basis, we believe church is an ongoing body that is like a potluck – everyone brings something to the table.
  • Relational – rather than forcing events to bring people together for fellowship, we foster genuine relationships that continue outside of the church building and setting.
  • Incarnational – we are dedicated to being the love of Jesus to the people of this world regardless of where they came from or where they are going.

1500 Old Church Road  Streamwood, IL



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